Each ingredient card represents a pair of primary elements. You need to arrange the elements to complete the magic circle. 

Same elements can be merged together (yes, like domino), you will win if the circle will be closed. But one thing you did not expect: this ritual needed a sacrifice.  

And if you have nothing to offer, you may be sacrificed yourself. Demon will try to interfere your ritual and to break out the circle. 

He has his own deck of ingredients, and he will add them, making your ritual impossible to finish. If you run out of cards, demon will take you.

This game is some kind of spin-off of our bigger project October Nights, so, many hand drawn images by @ambientchild are re-used. 
Music by @askania_m
Ideas, Game Design, Programming by @shiitman and @gene_besserit.

upd. Some bugfixes and animations were added. Old version can be find in the archive Older WebGL Version.

upd2. Some rebalancing in post-jam version.


Older WebGL Version 20 MB
Windows Build 32 MB

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